U.W. "Walt" "Hoppy" Hopson
RocketMan . Dreamer . Soldier . Builder
Word Weaver . Hero

U.W. "Walt" Hopson was known as "Hoppy" among his friends and colleagues. A Senior Propulsion Test Inspector on the Saturn V S-II Battleship Program during Apollo, contributor to the Systems Nuclear Auxiliary Power (SNAP) 10-A Space Nuclear Reactor (DOE-NASA) at Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL), Hoppy was among the space pioneers who envisioned a brighter future for all of humanity, and pursued excellence in his tireless dedication to advancing science and technology. He dedicated his life to the space program and in service to our country, contributing to the Delta, Titan, Peacekeeper, Minuteman, and Space Shuttle missions. He created magic in the lives of all who knew him, and fostered courage in us to dream. He stood with integrity, fought for what is right, and believed that the Moon and stars are possible if we don't give up. Co-pilot of TheAeroSpace.org, it remains our mission to see that Area I, II & III workers of SSFL are included to EEOICPA. It is a privilege to continue this journey in his memory.